Biology and Intelligent Design -A Book Review of “Undeniable” by Douglas Axe

(Brief update: after a long hiatus I’m back! Sadly exams took over most of my life in the last few months and I was unable to devote any time to writing. The good news is that my work is complete and I now have all sorts of free time to devote to this blog. I hope you enjoy what follows in the next few months!)

Last week I wandered into Blackwell’s looking for something to new to read, now that summer has begun and I’ve suddenly been presented with a lot of free time. While I’m generally interested in reading books on various topics in theoretical physics, mathematics and philosophy; this time I felt compelled to buy a book arguing for the existence of God. When you take a position on the God debate, it’s important to read both things in favour of your position and against it, to challenge your beliefs so that they don’t become dogmatic.

On this occasion I was drawn to a book called “Undeniable – How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed” by a credible molecular biologist Douglas Axe. It’s a relatively new book, having been published in 2016, that presents a case for the belief that life on Earth is designed from biology. In my own studies I only focus on Physics and Philosophy, so a book addressing the God question from the perspective of Biology seemed refreshing.

In the next few posts I will be discussing the argument in favour of design presented by Douglas Axe in this book. Will he be able to put some thought-provoking evidence on the table? Or will the book fail to make any convincing case at all? Find out next!


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