Many Worlds? Do they Exist?

Is Many Worlds Serious?

The idea that there may be many universes out there is and idea that is often met with derision. To most people, the existence of other realities seems fantastical, unsupported by science, a mere plot device for sci-fi films. Not only does it suggest that there are countless other universes just as real as ours, but these universes are completely unobservable – how can we possibly find any justification for their existence?

The reality however is that the “Many Worlds” theory is a serious academic proposal, its physical justification arising from the problem of how quantum theory can be interpreted. Certainly some physicists still scoff at the idea, but unlike true pseudo-scientific theories such as “flat-earth”, or creationism, the Many Worlds theory is a key area of research in the philosophy of quantum mechanics and has a roster of distinguished philosophers and physicists supporting it. Perhaps a reason why I have a particular affinity for it, is because I was lucky enough to be taught by one of most renowned Many Worlder – Professor Simon Saunders.

Simon Saunders - BSPS
Professor Simon Saunders is currently a Fellow of Merton College Oxford. He is one of the most distinguished proponents of the Many World Theory.

Introducing: A Series of Articles on Many Worlds!

Many Worlds theory is undeniably a serious academic field, yet most know very little about it other than that it claims there are more worlds than this one, and that it has something to do with quantum theory. Very few people are aware of  what the theory actually claims, and have never encountered the reasoning that compels these Many-Worlds theorists to believe in the existence of multiple realities.

The Many Worlds theory is intriguing, bizarre, exciting, and it often doesn’t get the respect it deserves from outside the scientific community. Over a series of weeks, I will be working through a seminal collection of articles written by the world’s experts in Many World Theory. I will present summaries of the arguments in favour of and against Many Worlds, and also explain what the theory actually says about these other worlds.

Many Worlds is a fascinating area of scientific research, and I hope you will enjoy learning a bit about what this theory is and why it deserves to be taken seriously.

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