Next Book: From Eternity to Here – Sean Carroll

The next book I’ll be reviewing on Plato’s Library is “From Eternity to Here” by the excellent physicist and science-communicator Sean Carroll.

Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist at CalTech and specialises in theories of quantum gravity and cosmology. He is a well known writer of popular science books and runs an excellent blog where he shares all the interesting things he knows about physics and the universe. Carroll is particularly well known for his support of universes with eternal inflation which claim that the Big Bang event of our universe is not the only one of its kind.

The book focuses on the nature of time. Carroll explores what our intuitive understanding of time is, and how physics in the form of relativity and thermodynamics offer a deeper understanding of how time’s arrow arises. Beginning with the simple observation that eggs can be made into omelettes but omelettes can’t easily be made into eggs, Carroll takes us on a scientific roller-coaster all the way to the multiverse.

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