Dice Don’t Prove God: A Response to a Fine-Tuning Argument

After browsing YouTube a bit, I found a video with an impressive 2 million views that claimed that dice show that God must exist. Naturally I was very sceptical of this claim, but I decided to give it a watch anyway. The video presented a version of the “fine-tuning” argument, but made a number of mistakes and logical fallacies along the way.

In this video, I take a look at this argument and point out where it goes wrong. While apparent fine-tuning is real, there are constants that must take very specific values for life as we know it to exist, we have no idea whether these constants actually can take other values. The constants are just numbers that our current theories can’t predict.

Where these constants come from is an intriguing problem for modern cosmology, but there’s no need to invoke an “intelligent mind” to explain it.

Take a look at the video, and if you enjoy it, like and subscribe for more!

Why Dice Don’t Prove God

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